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The International Research training Group offers a high-level study program for PhD students. Components of the program are summarized in the following diagram:

Major characteristics of the study program are as follows:

  • An intense supervisory support promotes rapid progress of the doctoral work and enables the students to obtain their degree in less than usual time.
  • Interdisciplinary projects foster regular interaction of students across the borders of traditional disciplines and enhance the studentís abilities to conduct their research in a collaborative manner within an environment of scientific excellence.
  • Students will gain profound methodological knowledge of different techniques that are necessary in order to make most of the possibilities of innovation in the biometals field.
  • Students are encouraged to venture new ideas and to engage in their own activities and initiatives (including their participation in the management of the IRTG), and they are urged to develop secondary skills.
  • Mobility is enhanced through short-term and long-term exchange between the partner institutes, and students are integrated in the international research community through attendance of conferences and through links to European network initiatives.